It's time for a change:

It's time to elect a Congressman who works for all the people and not just his financial supporters.   



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  After much consideration and consultation with my family and friends,  I have decided to seek the  Democratic nomination  for the United States Congress as Representative  from  the Third District of Nebraska. 

   It's been over a year since I filed for the 2012 election and sadly the same problems with the budget, gridlock, and political game-playing still exist.  We don't have a broken system. We have the best system of government in world.  The current, long running problems still exist because many in our Congress have chosen to represent their national party and special interest supporters instead of the citizens who elected them.    If the voters of the Third District send me to Washington, D.C. I won't represent the Democrat, or the Republican, or the Tea Party.  I will only answer to the Constitution and the Citizens of the Third District.  I am the Candidate that can and will be the best Representative for the Third District of Nebraska!   I ask you all for your support.

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